Wrath of the Righteous

Lumi's Letters #2

Session 2

Dear mum and dad,

Everyone is still okay. Our location has turned out to be the underground ruins of Lower Kenabres. With us, we have found more survivors. One of them is Aravashnial, a scholar-wizard from The Librarium of the Broken Black Wing. He was blinded in the attack fighting the Storm King. As a fellow wizard, I am honored to serve as his eyes in these sad circumstances. His great knowledge of demon-kind will hopefully give us the edge that we need to survive this. Three others, a scout of the Eagle Watch, a merchant lord and a charismatic gnome named NIma round out our party. Nima brings with her an enormous armor-wearing constrictor named Curly. Curly scouts the front for us, serving as a beribboned light source (ribbons and spell courtesy of me!). Oh… one other thing. We found some of Terendelev’s scales. We each got one. It makes me feel safe… but also sad.

I know that everything is more horrible up above, but we’ve run into a bit more danger personally down here. Astral ran ahead, straight into the clutches of a monstrous tar ooze. It was only after he had called out for me to cast fire down upon the fiend that Aravashnial informed us of their immunity to it. In fact, the beast seemed to revel in the flame, which quickly spread to my brother. As far back as I was, I could only watch in horror as it pummeled him into fiery submission. I think that’s been the scariest thing to happen so far. After the fight, NIma proved her value and resuscitated him with her magic.

I’m not sure what old residual magic twists the wild creatures down here, but we also fought a truly impressive example of snail-kind. If you have not yet heard of the mighty flail snail, let me so inform you: it is slow, but immense – roughly ten feet in height – with a head topped by no less than four spiky mace-tipped tendrils. AND it can both absorb and reflect magic. Much to mine and Astral’s dismay. Curly and Krivak once again proved their worth, keeping it safely far away from us. They also managed to kill it without damaging its beautiful and – as Horgus repeatedly reminded us – extremely valuable shell. I wonder if it would be possible to create some portable artifact from it, while retaining its antimagic properties. A task for another day, perhaps.

By this point, apparently tempers were running high, because a fight broke out between Horgus and Krivak. I guess it was over the snail shell, but I’m not sure why it escalated so quickly. I was able to diffuse the situation by immediately being able to fulfill Horgus’s request that we hide the shell so that we could come back for it later. And you’ll never guess how I did that! Do you remember that Expeditious Excavation scroll that you bought me for my sixteenth birthday? I know you remember how excited I was to receive that spell…but it came in very handy today! With it, I was able to instantly bury the shell and get the party moving.

Please don’t worry. I think if we all just stick together, and keep working as a team, we’ll get through this okay.

Your faithful daughter,



jayamiko jayamiko

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