Wrath of the Righteous

Lumi's Letters #4

Session 4

Dear mum and dad,

I think I messed up. I think I messed up really bad.

After we left the Temple, we fought some monsters. After that we came to a really narrow tunnel. Krevak went first, and I followed him. There was a wild looking dwarven man. He shouted something about people being after him, maybe he thought we were those people, and he threw Acid Splash at Krevak. I decided to cast obscuring mist… I thought that it would protect us from him while everyone else came through the narrow tunnel, and that maybe there would be a chance to talk to him. But I miscalculated. The size of the spell, the size of the room, I don’t know. Mist went everywhere. No one could see anything. The dwarf got more scared, and everyone kind of fumbled around blindly. Krevak attacked the dwarf, and the dwarf cast a spell on him again . I tried to fix things. I cast color spray on the dwarf while everyone was away from him, so that I would hit only him, and it worked- it completely stunned him. I thought that maybe now we could talk him down, but everyone else was wound up too. I didn’t know what to say, and I said the wrong things, I guess. Astral just kept saying it was my fault for casting the stupid mist anyway.

They killed him. He was trying to get away, but maybe I’m the only one that knew that. They killed him, then they just took all of his things. Raelyn is wearing his patched old cloak. He wasn’t a monster, he was a person.

I don’t know if I can do this. I wish you were here. I miss you.



jayamiko jayamiko

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