Wrath of the Righteous

Raelyn's Ranting (#2)

Session 2


You had me worried sick! Are you trying to kill me, as well as yourself?! How could you possibly do something that stupid? Firing at an unknown creature while right next to it? And then yelling at Lumi to burn it after it inevitably engulfed you? You know that tar jellies aren’t hurt by fire! You’re smarter than that!! If only you’d think more before acting so rashly!

It destroys me how naive L&A are. Things here are dangerous and GOING TO KILL YOU. You can’t haphazardly go up to something and poke it. You can’t solve every problem by throwing flaming spheres and force bolts at it. Make one mistake and you may suffer for it.

I’m fortunate that Nima was with us and Astral’s wounds weren’t permanent. Look at our new acquaintances, Anevia and Aravashnial: Anevia was hurt enough that she broke her leg and couldn’t walk, and Aravash lost both his eyes to one strike from the demon lord. Maybe I should be grateful that Astral wasn’t gravely crippled and things could have been much worse. Even if not permanent, consider that it took FOUR Curings to get Astral back in top shape. If I’m not mistaken, that’s almost equivalent to a Cure CRITICAL Wounds spell. CRITICAL WOUNDS.

I sincerely hope L&A have learned lessons today, now that we don’t have everything perfect in our lives.

I’m not the type to be modest, but fact is, I can’t do everything. I can’t fix everything and make it all better if you get yourself hurt. And if you die befo

I swore that I’d protect you, Lumi and Astral, but I cannot protect you if you cannot protect yourself.


jayamiko jayamiko

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