Wrath of the Righteous

Raelyn's Records #1

16 Arodus 4713

Yuelral save us…

This CANNOT be. Even my worst dreams haven’t been like this.

Kenabres’ Wardstone is destroyed, Terendelev dead, Storm King Khorramzadeh was right in front of us.. It reminds me of… 23 years ago,..

I don’t.. can’t… From the start:

We arrived in Kenabres today, the start of Armasse. We sat in the ampitheater where Lord Shappok was about to speak, when the Cathedral of St. Clydwell collapsed, killing him, and Khorramzadeh appeared with a small army of demonic beasts: locusts, monstrous beasts, and several of the townsfolk were disguised tieflings. The silver dragon Terendelev charged the Storm King, we were occupied with the lesser demons. Not long in, demons erupted from the ground, breaking it, and the giant chasm sucked us all in. With her last breath, Terendelev protected us from the fall..

How can L&A be so calm right now? Do they know something I don’t? Am I a coward panicking for no reason? Or are they just oblivious?? They have lived a sheltered life, but can they really ignore this reality right in front of them?? Kenabres with its guardian, wardstone, and fortifications are the only reason we could live peacefully as long as we did: Those are all GONE now. Mum, dad, please be safe..

While I can only hope for the best out of the whole situation.. How could demonfolk live as humans here? Do I have to be wary of everyone and constantly detect magic everyone I run into? Terendelev was masked as a person too.

During the fight I got distracted by the people tieflings and didn’t stop Astral from running ahead… so sloppy of me.. Thankfully he wasn’t in much danger this time, but I can’t let that happen again!

I don’t want this to happen any more, THIS HAS TO STOP!

Yuelral guide us.


jayamiko dwapt

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