Wrath of the Righteous

Raelyn's Records #3

Session 3

Well. Lumi cleansed the altar with holy water and it feels so tranquil here. I could almost forget about the demons above, if it weren’t for Horgus constantly reminding us. But Astral got him to shut up too, convincing him that his guards can protect his estate even without him. L&A can actually be quite clever at times, although Astral still has a habit of straying from the party. Why must he be so curious that he ignores his own safety? I definitely don’t want to have to watch him closely all the time, but I also dislike the idea of letting him learn the hard way a second time…

We’re now resting at an abandoned temple once devoted to Torag, a dwarven deity. It had a few zombies and a.. huecuva? An undead creature that Lumi described: people (or in this case a dwarf) who anger and profane their deities may be turned into one. Which sounds believable given the state the temple was in. They weren’t too threatening, although perhaps I should look into getting some blunt weapons since my rapier wasn’t completely effective. I do sometimes have my force blade though.

Anevia swiftly killed one zombie with a precise strike from her shortsword. I’m disappointed I still haven’t been able to reliably find enemies’ weak points, despite mum always trying to teach me that facet of combat. I should must learn this soon, and I get the feeling that unfortunately, I will probably have many opportunities to practice it.

It’s not particularly late yet, but we don’t know that we’ll find another safe spot to rest if we continued. Though today has been a very long, very eventful day; hopefully sleep will help ease my mind a bit…


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