Wrath of the Righteous

Raelyn's Records #4

Session 4

17 Arodus 4713

Hahaha… Oh Lumi. I know I sometimes run forward to cast Obscuring Mist so that we can escape, or to sneak up on enemies… I’m amused, perhaps flattered, that you would try to emulate my tactics, but by Yuelral, that was ineffective. Running forward then clouding up a thin passage that we all had to pass through to get to our destination… Not the most brilliant tactical display. She also abandoned Aravash when she ran ahead, forgetting her priorities…

It seems like all my entries lately have just been me criticizing and complaining about L&A… Perhaps I should write about other topics, but well, I must admit that it still concerns me. It’s just that.. I want to see them succeed. They’re intelligent and clever, and their spellcraft is definitely potent, but sometimes they just surprise me with the foolish antics they occasionally do.

And their physical strength.. it’s worrisome. Watching Astral attempt to bat away a slurk, or L&A pulling the rope to support the others into that cliff.. I always knew they weren’t that strong but it’s still quite disheartening. At least they could jump fine.

Well, to cover today’s events so far… we fought some slurks in an area with some mundane statues, then next ran into a dwarf who kept screaming “You will not catch us” or the like. That was the time where Lumi set us back with her Obscuring Mist, and thus I .. haven’t the foggiest of what happened! At least not until the end where the dwarf started to float away, but Anevia took him down with a well-aimed arrow.

Lumi seemed quite reluctant to kill him, while Krivak and Astral were rather insistent to. Krivak I assume is just like that, but I’d imagine Astral wouldn’t have that motive without reason.. I hope… ? Again, I wasn’t aware of what the dwarf did, if anything, though Krivak looked slightly wounded so he probably did put up some of a fight. Krivak was laughing out loud for a moment too; I wonder what that was about..?

The dwarf had a Cloak of Protection which Astral insisted I wear. I took it for now; I theoretically would likely be more in the fray and thick of it, and I appreciate the gesture. But with A’s almost suicidal tendencies, am I really the one that needs it the most?..

We climbed up a cliff, and saw a tower destroyed by the recent earthquake. I didn’t realize there was still much civilization beneath Kenabres, but we ran into a few First Descendants down here who could use our help. In return they offered to let us see their village and perhaps they could help us find our way back to the surface. As we headed towards there, we were delayed by a chasm created by the earthquake, which a few of us jumped across while others climbed down to the bottom then up onto the other side.

After that, we found two bodies covered in mold, who wore the armor of paladins of Iomedae, but had unholy symbols of Baphomet, and held a glaive and spiked gauntlet. Aravashnial was excited and intrigued by them, wanting to carry them back as proof that there was corruption among the crusaders. But we weren’t going to do that.

Well, continuing towards the village now.


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