Wrath of the Righteous

Raelyn's Records #5

Session 5... part 1..


I’ve been putting off on writing this entry, because.. I don’t know what to do… I don’t know what to say…

After taking a rest in the First Descendants’ village… Astral didn’t wake up. ..

The village doctor didn’t say or care much, no doubt because Aravashnial offended her by being a complete IDIOT yesterday.. They’ll look after him for a while, in case he does wake up eventually.. But.. what if he doesn’t? What if that was the last time I ever saw him??…..

I… fear I won’t be pleasantly surprised when we return. Not only is there the possibility that he may not wake up… but… I’m also worried that if he does, he’ll do something dumb like wander out on his own, as he always was prone to do…

Was there something I could have done???

Please be alright… Yuelral, take care of Astral…

Lann and the others took us to their village. We met with the Elder, and Aravash lost all dignity and respect, treating them as objects. He actually walked up to feel the Elder.. We told them of the demon invasion on Kenabres, which highly worried them, but as they were but a small village of around 30 or 40, they didn’t feel they could help us much. However, Lann accompanied us.

We stayed the night there, mainly since Lumi needs to ration her spells better. Or slept for a while, anyway; we’ve been down here without sun for a long time now, and I can’t tell what time or day it is.

After waking… ……. The Elder told us a bit about the brooch we found earlier, when.. that time when Astral walked into the tar jelly… The brooch belonged to his son…. ..

I can’t finish this right now.


jayamiko dwapt

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