Anevia Tirablade

A young rogue with surprising connections to the Paladins of Iomedae.


Anevia Tirablade has made her name in Kenabres as both a charitable and brave soul; Not only does she devote much of her time to reading to and tending the sick at the Temple of Iomedae, she also undertakes the occasional scouting mission into The Worldwound. She enjoys the prestige and pride that both of these tasks bring her.

Anevia is known for her quick wit. Normally a friendly soul, she tends to treat everyone she meets frankly, regardless of their occupation, race, or social standing-a habit that’s made her few allies among some of Kenabres’s less devout or honest citizens. However, to call Anevia’s past “checkered” would be quite the understatement.

Since the disaster at Clydwell Plaza, Anevia is coming to trust her newfound companions, especially since they managed to heal her broken leg. While her mobility is still impaired, she does the best she can to assist during battle with her shortbow and shortsword (which she has proven deadly competent with). She shows quiet respect for Aravashnial, which implies their connection might go deeper than any in the group is aware. However, she seems to genuinely dislike Horgus, and takes every opportunity to make snide comments towards him. Her chief concern at this time is to return to the surface and try to locate her wife, and though she hides it well, it is obvious that she is greatly worried.

Anevia Tirablade

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