Horgus Gwerm

Head of a powerful merchant family, Horgus Gwerm is used to being treated with a deference that befits his noble station.


One of the three others trapped in the caverns beneath Kenabres with the party, the initial impression most would get from the middle aged Horgus Gwerm is that he is an arrogant, overweight, acerbic nobleman with an inflated sense of his own importance.

However, Horgus is an intelligent, rich man of self made wealth with many years of learning and trade experience behind him, and is relatively well respected within Kenabres merchant circles. As such he is genuinely shocked that no one has recognized his family name and is offended by the treatment he has received from those he is trapped with. Lost underground, unarmed and forced to trust in “questionable outsiders” for safety does not sit well Horgus and he has attempted, poorly, to hide his fear under an extra layer of arrogant bluster. Horgus mutters to himself constantly, seemingly trying to convince himself that he has made an acceptable deal with the “devil” while berating his treatment and lamenting over his fate.

Horgus could not possibly be more inconvenienced than he is right now, or at least that is how it appears to be. Since the disaster, he has suffered numerous wounds to both his person and his honor, the latter of which has been repeatedly besmirched by one Anevia Tirablade. While he has suffered the least physically out of the trio, it is obvious that he is the most anxious about what is happening on the surface. The bulk of his fortunes are invested in Kenabres, and while he would not be rendered destitute were his holdings destroyed, it would likely forever remove him from the ranks of Kenabres nobility, which is something he cannot abide.

Regardless of his haste to regain the surface, he has shown some restraint recently, and has been willing to rest when the rest of the party deemed it wise.

Horgus Gwerm

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