Wrath of the Righteous

Astral's Accounts #1
Session 1
16th of Arodus, 4713.

We have arrived today in Kenabres just in time for Armasse, a weeklong festival. I am accompanied by my sisters, Lumi and Raelyn, as well as a half-orc named Krivak. He appears to be a somewhat puissant warrior, and his great axe is not unhelpful to a traveling group of magic-users. Not to dismiss Rae’s fine swordwork, but she alone has some trouble giving Lumi and I time to cast our spells. Indeed, he was quite able to help us out of a tight spot after we became somewhat lost during an early adventure before we arrived at town. Although the whole trouble could have been avoided if Rae was at all capable of navigating or reading a map.

We have come to Kenabres, not entirely for the festival, but because we are considering joining the Crusaders, those dedicated to holding back The Worldwound and the demons that pour forth. I have further considered inviting our new friend Krivak to join our small band as we do so. Although I have yet to think of a suitable name for our group… but I digress.

To tell the truth, it has all become something of a moot point at the moment. Hulrun Shappok, leader of the inquisitors in Mendev, was due to give a speech and start Armasse today. We had fairly good seats in the Clydwell Plaza, and had arrived before things began. Just as Shappok was to begin however, disaster struck. With a great explosion, the Kite, the fortress wherein the city’s wardstone is housed, was destroyed. Almost instantly afterward, Khorramzadeh, the Storm King of the Worldwound, appeared. I cannot imagine how this has happened. Although it is true he cracked the stone once before during the Fourth Crusade, I would have thought he would have more trouble reaching it again. But I must admit I do not actually know the mechanics of how the wardstone functions.

Still, all hope was not lost. The elder woman seated next to us turned out to be Terendelev, the silver dragon. She quickly transformed and set to battle with Khorramzadeh. As an aside, Lumi incessantly mentions the fact Terendelev spoke to her, as if the rest of us were not present to know that, or indeed did not participate in the conversation. Still, all could not be left to our draconic defender. As two titans struggled in the sky above us, strange rifts formed and released a slew of demons onto the crowd. Strange fiendish locusts along with dretches before to slaughter the bystanders. Although dretches are some of the lowest class of demon, it was clear almost instantly that the city guardsmen were no match for them. We and several others who appeared to somewhat more equal to the fight immediately set to trying to slay the fiends, but outnumbered and frankly out of range of many, we could only watch as large portions of the crowds were slain. The situation worsened when numerous members of the crowd threw off disguised and revealed themselves as tieflings, then attacked the bystanders in the name of the Demon Lord of Infestation and Locusts, Deskari.

About the time it became clear this was not a battle we could win, the ground beneath the plaza cracked and split open. What appeared to be demons of great size and terrible aspect arose, although we had little time to take this in, for we quickly found ourselves falling into the darkness below. And yet the great Terendelev noticed our plight and cast a feather fall upon us. Already gravely wounded by her battle, the distraction proved too costly, allowing the Storm King to strike a fatal blow. The last thing I saw as we floated into the darkness below was the demon cleaving off the ancient guardian’s head.
Lumi's Letters #1
Session 1
Dear mum and dad,

I am writing to you from a hole in the ground. I am able to do this because I thoughtfully prepared a Light spell for today. Don’t worry, we’re all fine, nobody’s dead.

I guess to backtrack a little bit- yesterday, (through no fault of my own), Astral, Raelyn, and I ended up at the bottom of a deep and treacherous ravine. There was some disagreement about the best way to the cave of monsters we were looking for. You will be happy to know that I have since prepared the appropriate spells on scroll paper and will not be caught unawares again. Luckily, an imposing — but well-intentioned — giant green man was looking for the same cave of monsters and thus rescued us through his brute strength. Together, we were able to clean out the cave as requested by the nearby village. That is not what today’s letter is about.

Today we visited the city of Kenabres, and the festival of Armasse is going on. This would at first appear to be our good fortune, but as I will elaborate it was, in fact, the opposite. The Wardstone of Kenabres is gone. It vanished in a towering column of fire. The famous Cathedral of Saint Clydwell tumbled down into rubble, crushing the Lord Shappok and various others. Horrible demons then appeared under the command of one who could only be the Storm Lord, Khorramzadeh. I am sure that I have your attention now.

All of us in the plaza were very scared, but the old lady sitting next to us turned out to be the glorious silver dragon Terendelev, under a glamour (she talked to me!). Everyone else thought that she was just a lame old lady, but I knew there was something special about her. She took to the skies in dragon form and battled Khorramzadeh.

On the ground, we were on our own… We did our best to protect the civilians, but there were just too many of them. In the sky, the silver dragon was losing. A giant demon rose out of the ground, and then the earth disappeared from under us. With the last of her strength, Terendelev cast Feather Fall upon us right before the Storm Lord beheaded her. Then everything went dark for a while.

I don’t know what’s going to happen now. We are somewhere underground, but at least we’re together. I hope this letter finds you well.

Your faithful daughter,


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