Wrath of the Righteous

Raelyn's Records #6
Sessions 5-6

I can’t do this. I’m the worst sister. Or almost could’ve been.

Many of my last entries have been me complaining about how careless Lumi and Astral can be, but today, the only Ceston I have to complain about is myself…

I knew it was unwise to approach that closely. I knew there was an invisible rogue about. The moment I closed in on my target, I had a feeling I made a grave mistake… One very painful backstab, and then another hit.. ?

Next thing I knew, I was being nursed by Nima and Aravash giving me a potion. The mongrel rogues were down; Krivak and the others were still chasing the archer.

I could possibly argue that I wanted to draw the rogues’ attention off Krivak who was already hurting badly… But even if so, I wouldn’t do so at the cost of my own life. What I did was foolish, no question about it.

Am I just dumber than I thought? Am I still emotionally distraught? I don’t really know, but I can’t make such a mistake again. I have to wisen up and not let my feelings get in the way of my judgement.

I don’t really want to dwell on this topic more. But I can’t help but worry about how Lumi would feel if she lost both of us today……

Since we left the First Descendants’ village, we’ve mostly just been fighting mongrel traitors and cultists in one of their hideouts. We killed most of the ones we encountered, but just now I incapacitated a more prominent looking one (who the archer referred to as Hosilla, I think?); we may interrogate her a bit now.

I can’t stop thinking about it… I’ll probably always regret today, but I guess it’s my turn to learn some harsh lessons.

Raelyn's Records #5
Session 5... part 1..


I’ve been putting off on writing this entry, because.. I don’t know what to do… I don’t know what to say…

After taking a rest in the First Descendants’ village… Astral didn’t wake up. ..

The village doctor didn’t say or care much, no doubt because Aravashnial offended her by being a complete IDIOT yesterday.. They’ll look after him for a while, in case he does wake up eventually.. But.. what if he doesn’t? What if that was the last time I ever saw him??…..

I… fear I won’t be pleasantly surprised when we return. Not only is there the possibility that he may not wake up… but… I’m also worried that if he does, he’ll do something dumb like wander out on his own, as he always was prone to do…

Was there something I could have done???

Please be alright… Yuelral, take care of Astral…

Lann and the others took us to their village. We met with the Elder, and Aravash lost all dignity and respect, treating them as objects. He actually walked up to feel the Elder.. We told them of the demon invasion on Kenabres, which highly worried them, but as they were but a small village of around 30 or 40, they didn’t feel they could help us much. However, Lann accompanied us.

We stayed the night there, mainly since Lumi needs to ration her spells better. Or slept for a while, anyway; we’ve been down here without sun for a long time now, and I can’t tell what time or day it is.

After waking… ……. The Elder told us a bit about the brooch we found earlier, when.. that time when Astral walked into the tar jelly… The brooch belonged to his son…. ..

I can’t finish this right now.

Raelyn's Records #4
Session 4

17 Arodus 4713

Hahaha… Oh Lumi. I know I sometimes run forward to cast Obscuring Mist so that we can escape, or to sneak up on enemies… I’m amused, perhaps flattered, that you would try to emulate my tactics, but by Yuelral, that was ineffective. Running forward then clouding up a thin passage that we all had to pass through to get to our destination… Not the most brilliant tactical display. She also abandoned Aravash when she ran ahead, forgetting her priorities…

It seems like all my entries lately have just been me criticizing and complaining about L&A… Perhaps I should write about other topics, but well, I must admit that it still concerns me. It’s just that.. I want to see them succeed. They’re intelligent and clever, and their spellcraft is definitely potent, but sometimes they just surprise me with the foolish antics they occasionally do.

And their physical strength.. it’s worrisome. Watching Astral attempt to bat away a slurk, or L&A pulling the rope to support the others into that cliff.. I always knew they weren’t that strong but it’s still quite disheartening. At least they could jump fine.

Well, to cover today’s events so far… we fought some slurks in an area with some mundane statues, then next ran into a dwarf who kept screaming “You will not catch us” or the like. That was the time where Lumi set us back with her Obscuring Mist, and thus I .. haven’t the foggiest of what happened! At least not until the end where the dwarf started to float away, but Anevia took him down with a well-aimed arrow.

Lumi seemed quite reluctant to kill him, while Krivak and Astral were rather insistent to. Krivak I assume is just like that, but I’d imagine Astral wouldn’t have that motive without reason.. I hope… ? Again, I wasn’t aware of what the dwarf did, if anything, though Krivak looked slightly wounded so he probably did put up some of a fight. Krivak was laughing out loud for a moment too; I wonder what that was about..?

The dwarf had a Cloak of Protection which Astral insisted I wear. I took it for now; I theoretically would likely be more in the fray and thick of it, and I appreciate the gesture. But with A’s almost suicidal tendencies, am I really the one that needs it the most?..

We climbed up a cliff, and saw a tower destroyed by the recent earthquake. I didn’t realize there was still much civilization beneath Kenabres, but we ran into a few First Descendants down here who could use our help. In return they offered to let us see their village and perhaps they could help us find our way back to the surface. As we headed towards there, we were delayed by a chasm created by the earthquake, which a few of us jumped across while others climbed down to the bottom then up onto the other side.

After that, we found two bodies covered in mold, who wore the armor of paladins of Iomedae, but had unholy symbols of Baphomet, and held a glaive and spiked gauntlet. Aravashnial was excited and intrigued by them, wanting to carry them back as proof that there was corruption among the crusaders. But we weren’t going to do that.

Well, continuing towards the village now.

Lumi's Letters #4
Session 4
Dear mum and dad,

I think I messed up. I think I messed up really bad.

After we left the Temple, we fought some monsters. After that we came to a really narrow tunnel. Krevak went first, and I followed him. There was a wild looking dwarven man. He shouted something about people being after him, maybe he thought we were those people, and he threw Acid Splash at Krevak. I decided to cast obscuring mist… I thought that it would protect us from him while everyone else came through the narrow tunnel, and that maybe there would be a chance to talk to him. But I miscalculated. The size of the spell, the size of the room, I don’t know. Mist went everywhere. No one could see anything. The dwarf got more scared, and everyone kind of fumbled around blindly. Krevak attacked the dwarf, and the dwarf cast a spell on him again . I tried to fix things. I cast color spray on the dwarf while everyone was away from him, so that I would hit only him, and it worked- it completely stunned him. I thought that maybe now we could talk him down, but everyone else was wound up too. I didn’t know what to say, and I said the wrong things, I guess. Astral just kept saying it was my fault for casting the stupid mist anyway.

They killed him. He was trying to get away, but maybe I’m the only one that knew that. They killed him, then they just took all of his things. Raelyn is wearing his patched old cloak. He wasn’t a monster, he was a person.

I don’t know if I can do this. I wish you were here. I miss you.

Lumi's Letters #3
Session 3
Dear mum and dad,

In the ruins under the city, we found an old Dwarven Temple. Something bad must’ve happened here, because the whole building just felt wrong, like… Evil almost.. and it was crawling with awful undead creatures. One of the must’ve been a priest. He was chanting something in dwarven… And I realized that even with all of my language studies, I’ve never gotten around to that one. I really wish we could know what happened to this place, but I guess we’ll never know.

While we were fighting, yet another ghoul came from out of nowhere and almost killed Aravashnial. Luckily, Anevia saw it coming and struck it down. We have to be more careful. The monsters were very scary, but we managed to take them all out without anyone being hurt.

Afterwards we looked around a bit, and I was struck by the idea that the basin full of clear water near the entrance to the Temple might be holy water. I used a bottle to carry some back to the altar, and we used it to clean the dark marks and scum away. This seemed to be what was needed, because the awful feeling lifted and a peaceful one replaced it almost immediately. We’ve decided to stay a while and rest. We don’t know how long it will take to get out of here, and this is the first decidedly defensible place we have found so far. I think it’s a good idea.

I am so tired… It’s so good to just sit down somewhere safe. I’ve been preparing new spells, and to have a good feeling about these ones. They should be helpful to us. I’m almost done, but I think I’m just going to close my eyes for little while…

Sleepilly yours,

Raelyn's Records #3
Session 3

Well. Lumi cleansed the altar with holy water and it feels so tranquil here. I could almost forget about the demons above, if it weren’t for Horgus constantly reminding us. But Astral got him to shut up too, convincing him that his guards can protect his estate even without him. L&A can actually be quite clever at times, although Astral still has a habit of straying from the party. Why must he be so curious that he ignores his own safety? I definitely don’t want to have to watch him closely all the time, but I also dislike the idea of letting him learn the hard way a second time…

We’re now resting at an abandoned temple once devoted to Torag, a dwarven deity. It had a few zombies and a.. huecuva? An undead creature that Lumi described: people (or in this case a dwarf) who anger and profane their deities may be turned into one. Which sounds believable given the state the temple was in. They weren’t too threatening, although perhaps I should look into getting some blunt weapons since my rapier wasn’t completely effective. I do sometimes have my force blade though.

Anevia swiftly killed one zombie with a precise strike from her shortsword. I’m disappointed I still haven’t been able to reliably find enemies’ weak points, despite mum always trying to teach me that facet of combat. I should must learn this soon, and I get the feeling that unfortunately, I will probably have many opportunities to practice it.

It’s not particularly late yet, but we don’t know that we’ll find another safe spot to rest if we continued. Though today has been a very long, very eventful day; hopefully sleep will help ease my mind a bit…

Raelyn's Ranting (#2)
Session 2


You had me worried sick! Are you trying to kill me, as well as yourself?! How could you possibly do something that stupid? Firing at an unknown creature while right next to it? And then yelling at Lumi to burn it after it inevitably engulfed you? You know that tar jellies aren’t hurt by fire! You’re smarter than that!! If only you’d think more before acting so rashly!

It destroys me how naive L&A are. Things here are dangerous and GOING TO KILL YOU. You can’t haphazardly go up to something and poke it. You can’t solve every problem by throwing flaming spheres and force bolts at it. Make one mistake and you may suffer for it.

I’m fortunate that Nima was with us and Astral’s wounds weren’t permanent. Look at our new acquaintances, Anevia and Aravashnial: Anevia was hurt enough that she broke her leg and couldn’t walk, and Aravash lost both his eyes to one strike from the demon lord. Maybe I should be grateful that Astral wasn’t gravely crippled and things could have been much worse. Even if not permanent, consider that it took FOUR Curings to get Astral back in top shape. If I’m not mistaken, that’s almost equivalent to a Cure CRITICAL Wounds spell. CRITICAL WOUNDS.

I sincerely hope L&A have learned lessons today, now that we don’t have everything perfect in our lives.

I’m not the type to be modest, but fact is, I can’t do everything. I can’t fix everything and make it all better if you get yourself hurt. And if you die befo

I swore that I’d protect you, Lumi and Astral, but I cannot protect you if you cannot protect yourself.

Lumi's Letters #2
Session 2
Dear mum and dad,

Everyone is still okay. Our location has turned out to be the underground ruins of Lower Kenabres. With us, we have found more survivors. One of them is Aravashnial, a scholar-wizard from The Librarium of the Broken Black Wing. He was blinded in the attack fighting the Storm King. As a fellow wizard, I am honored to serve as his eyes in these sad circumstances. His great knowledge of demon-kind will hopefully give us the edge that we need to survive this. Three others, a scout of the Eagle Watch, a merchant lord and a charismatic gnome named NIma round out our party. Nima brings with her an enormous armor-wearing constrictor named Curly. Curly scouts the front for us, serving as a beribboned light source (ribbons and spell courtesy of me!). Oh… one other thing. We found some of Terendelev’s scales. We each got one. It makes me feel safe… but also sad.

I know that everything is more horrible up above, but we’ve run into a bit more danger personally down here. Astral ran ahead, straight into the clutches of a monstrous tar ooze. It was only after he had called out for me to cast fire down upon the fiend that Aravashnial informed us of their immunity to it. In fact, the beast seemed to revel in the flame, which quickly spread to my brother. As far back as I was, I could only watch in horror as it pummeled him into fiery submission. I think that’s been the scariest thing to happen so far. After the fight, NIma proved her value and resuscitated him with her magic.

I’m not sure what old residual magic twists the wild creatures down here, but we also fought a truly impressive example of snail-kind. If you have not yet heard of the mighty flail snail, let me so inform you: it is slow, but immense – roughly ten feet in height – with a head topped by no less than four spiky mace-tipped tendrils. AND it can both absorb and reflect magic. Much to mine and Astral’s dismay. Curly and Krivak once again proved their worth, keeping it safely far away from us. They also managed to kill it without damaging its beautiful and – as Horgus repeatedly reminded us – extremely valuable shell. I wonder if it would be possible to create some portable artifact from it, while retaining its antimagic properties. A task for another day, perhaps.

By this point, apparently tempers were running high, because a fight broke out between Horgus and Krivak. I guess it was over the snail shell, but I’m not sure why it escalated so quickly. I was able to diffuse the situation by immediately being able to fulfill Horgus’s request that we hide the shell so that we could come back for it later. And you’ll never guess how I did that! Do you remember that Expeditious Excavation scroll that you bought me for my sixteenth birthday? I know you remember how excited I was to receive that spell…but it came in very handy today! With it, I was able to instantly bury the shell and get the party moving.

Please don’t worry. I think if we all just stick together, and keep working as a team, we’ll get through this okay.

Your faithful daughter,

Astral's Accounts #2
Session 2
16th of Arodus, 4713, continued.

We awakened from our fall somewhere beneath the city. After making sure we were all okay, we checked the rubble for other survivors. Firstly, we met Nima al Enrich and her serpent Curly, apparently old acquaintances with Krivak. She is a gnome and what I can only assume is a druid. Curly, a constrictor of unusual size, is shockingly good in battle. Nima… has a somewhat grating voice.

Anevia Tirabade is the wife of a Crusader. Although the fall broke her leg, with some splints and use of a magical wand we managed to heal her enough to walk. Later, a potion enabled her to stand enough to at least use her bow. She seems surprisingly upbeat and amused by our situation, but I can tell she wishes to reach the surface and check on her wife, Irabeth.

Aravashnial is the elven wizard who unwisely (but bravely) attacked the Storm King. We were unable to heal his eyes, and with his blindness it’s difficult for him to aid us. Given he has lamented his uselessness more than once, I think this hurts his pride. As he works in a library and studies demonology, calling upon his knowledge cannot help but make him feel needed.

Horgus Gwerm is one of Kenabres’ nobles. Although he is not unskilled with a rapier, after being wounded once he seems to have lost his nerve. I assume he is unused to real combat. His personality seems somewhat unpleasant (and known to Anevia), but ultimately his bluster seems harmless.

After making sure everyone was alright and able to travel, we began making our way out of the caverns. Or at least, we hoped we could find our way out. A dead spider (giant, that is) revealed giant ants when Lumi summoned a ball of flame upon it. We made short work of them, but although the wound was minor I think that may be the last fight Horgus enters.

As we proceeded through a narrow passage and then around we saw an old campsite from the path we didn’t take (which met this one again). I made the mistake of trying to investigate this firsthand, and nearly stepped upon what Aravashnial called a “tar jelly”. Lumi’s flames failed to hurt it, but Curly and Krivak did a much better job. Or so I was told after I was healed back to consciousness. We found a broach that Aravashnial suggested might be related to the “Mole Men”, mutated descendants of the First Crusade.

As we continued onward, we entered a much larger cavern, stumbling upon a flail snail. It was not a creature I was overly familiar with, although the shell is apparently of great worth. Although Krivak seemed to desire to find some way to converse with the dangerous beast, I merely greeted it with a color spray. Imagine my shock when the spell appeared to be absorbed. Again it was Curly and Krivak to the rescue.

Horgus was fairly upset at any damage to the shell, and even more so when he realized we could not take it with us. Although Lumi offered to use a spell to bury and hide it so it could be retrieved later, Krivak had apparently had enough. He attacked Horgus with his fist, and seemed quite willing to possibly offer up more violence.

It seems I misjudged him just because he aided us before. Although I hesitate to judge people by their race, Krivak seems to live up to all the stereotypes of half-orcs. Horgus can be somewhat annoying, but Krivak has seemed to be on the edge of violence since they met. I cannot view his inability to control his temper or constant attempts to intimidate the man as anything except bullying. Certainly it seemed out of proportion to Horgus’ attempt to keep the shell, given Lumi’s offer to help hide it. Hopefully, when we reach the surface and can part ways with the ruffian my sisters will not put up too much of an objection. Perhaps Nima, or rather Curly, would be an adequate replacement protector.
Raelyn's Records #1

16 Arodus 4713

Yuelral save us…

This CANNOT be. Even my worst dreams haven’t been like this.

Kenabres’ Wardstone is destroyed, Terendelev dead, Storm King Khorramzadeh was right in front of us.. It reminds me of… 23 years ago,..

I don’t.. can’t… From the start:

We arrived in Kenabres today, the start of Armasse. We sat in the ampitheater where Lord Shappok was about to speak, when the Cathedral of St. Clydwell collapsed, killing him, and Khorramzadeh appeared with a small army of demonic beasts: locusts, monstrous beasts, and several of the townsfolk were disguised tieflings. The silver dragon Terendelev charged the Storm King, we were occupied with the lesser demons. Not long in, demons erupted from the ground, breaking it, and the giant chasm sucked us all in. With her last breath, Terendelev protected us from the fall..

How can L&A be so calm right now? Do they know something I don’t? Am I a coward panicking for no reason? Or are they just oblivious?? They have lived a sheltered life, but can they really ignore this reality right in front of them?? Kenabres with its guardian, wardstone, and fortifications are the only reason we could live peacefully as long as we did: Those are all GONE now. Mum, dad, please be safe..

While I can only hope for the best out of the whole situation.. How could demonfolk live as humans here? Do I have to be wary of everyone and constantly detect magic everyone I run into? Terendelev was masked as a person too.

During the fight I got distracted by the people tieflings and didn’t stop Astral from running ahead… so sloppy of me.. Thankfully he wasn’t in much danger this time, but I can’t let that happen again!

I don’t want this to happen any more, THIS HAS TO STOP!

Yuelral guide us.


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